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Anne cannot claim to be a true Beverlonian, having been born in London, but she is proud to call it home nonetheless. Here you can find out more about some of her favourite places and those which are featured in her books.

Beverley Minster

Probably the most famous landmark in Beverley. I can hear the bells from my garden, and see the minster as well, if I stand in the right place! It is a fine example of Gothic architecture, and as beautiful on the inside as the outside.


The Westwood

I walk on the Westwood pastures every day, going round the trees and up to the Black Mill. The Westwood is also home to a golf course, a racecourse and dozens of cows in the the warmer months.

The Beverley Arms

A stylish hotel and restaurant opposite St Mary's church, The Beverley arms is featured in 'The Botanist' and 'The Soloist'. I have been there many times for a meal or a drink in the bar, and if you visit, you will find an interesting plaque displayed on the facade which details its past history.


The Beverley Bookshop

The Beverley Bookshop has a great selection of books, jigsaws and gifts - pick up or order your 'Twist in the Tale' books here - if you're lucky you might find a signed copy!

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