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Anne's books are set in Beverley, where she lives. They feature Detective Inspector Sharon 'Ronnie' Twist and her sergeant, Luke Carter. The books are about apparently ordinary women who lead extraordinary lives, and the efforts of Ronnie and Luke in uncovering their crimes.

The Botanist

Retired doctor Lilian Templeton has a dead body in her garden and there is nothing she can do to stop the gas men digging it up. DI Ronnie Twist and her sergeant, Luke Carter, are not fooled by Lilian’s apparent innocence, and a game of cat and mouse ensues as Lilian seeks to hide her murderous past and avoid detection. What led Lilian to kill? How many murders has she committed? And will she get away with it? 

Soloist cover.png
The Soloist

When pianist Max Silento is found dead in his hotel room, suspicion falls on the Rosewood family. Working as a live-in carer for grandmother Ada, Scarlet knows there must be a connection. Using her homegrown investigative skills, she pits herself against DI Ronnie Twist in a race to uncover the Rosewoods' secrets before the police can destroy the family she has made her own.

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